Still on Tongariro

Still on Tongariro

Ok. So here it is. Maybe some of you can relate, maybe not. No matter what, we're always going through transitions, life is flowing constantly, a perpetual movement, and for me this is how I've been feeling everyday.

It's so beautiful outside now as spring flowers continue to bloom but I still feel like this photo I took on one of my hiking trips in NZ. It's nice to relate to my past in this way because when I travel it takes all the experiences of your daily life at home and metaphorically lets you experience it while you travel. In those moments of travel you are experiencing your world, your past, present and future all at once and that parallel reflection lets you learn about yourself as it signifies your innermost feelings, thoughts, and worries. For me it helps me learn how to embrace, accept and adapt in a very healing manner. This photo speaks to me now.

How I felt in that mysterious unknown space is what I feel right now; scared yet there is a strong inviting pull as I become curious to what's beyond the next mystery. However, what I do know is that another whole new life to be experienced is already in motion and will set soon. Like a marker of a big change.  On the edge of transformation. For the most part,

                                                             All I can do is





that I will be taken HERE.  

You feel it? Have a good one.