Box Artificial

Though it is Earth day, a happy happy day indeed, I decided to share my black and white prints (just click on the photo for more) from the last few months. They were printed on fiber paper so in real life they glisten. It took awhile to figure out where I was with myself until one day I rode my bike past a green house. There, two reefs appeared to be implanted against the glass gasping for air. That was it.

After traveling abroad in heavenly New Zealand where I had space to engulf the outdoors backpacking and breathing in the subtropical air, I was back at my home university in California where I felt boxed in. There was a strange displacement with my inner and outer world where I felt forced back into an environment I didn't necessarily want to be in. I felt like I did not have the control to choose where my fate lay. It was very hard to adjust but through this film project I was able to find an outlet and express the current feelings of that time. I went to the countryside and collected different plants and brought them in a studio enhancing the feeling of attempting to find the natural in an artificial space. Oddity, strangeness, disconnection, and displacement are emotions that are exemplified in these photos. I was, just like plants in a greenhouse that are forced and put there to thrive in an environment where they might not naturally belong, are forced to thrive.

Maybe you can identify with these feelings of strangeness, where you don't feel aligned with the environment around you. Sometimes you feel that how life is structured is out of our control yet we have to find a way to adapt and still experience these feelings until we adjust and find what personal freedom means to us once again no matter where we are.  

trek on.