EIKOH HOSOE. This guy is a BOSS.  He is a renowned Japanese photographer who is able to capture surreal experiences that feel and translate to some unexplainable personal moments that we here at Nomadics can identify with. We love the way he uses abstract images to express very personal feelings of mystery, fantasy, and oddity. 

Because black and white film printing is so hands on, any small manipulation to affect the gradient of tones, contrast, type of paper use to print with, etc,  is a reflection of the artist's perspective. There are so many different techniques that plays into the vision of a photographer. First is the subject your shooting after spending time creating your concept, or just shooting out of pure improvisation, whatever your process is, using artificial or natural lighting, picking the time of the day to shoot, etc, unfold the story you are trying to tell as it takes a life of its own.  I've played around in the dark room and you can spend all day in the cave for one print. 

Hosoe creates staged settings that reflect very real moments. His stories reflect personal experiences such as his evacuation to the countryside during WWII. To show this, he created a series called KamaItachi that utilized a Japanese mythical story of a weasel like demon that haunts villagers.  This improvisational performance creates a fantasy world mixed with the real everyday feelings of uncertainty during that time. 

Check out the video about his series below. Below are a mix from his Kamaitachi series and others that just appeal to us in general. Enjoy. 





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