From the Glass Animals GOOEY EP 

I Can Go Somewhere Where I Can Get Some Space. 

This one hits it for me. There's some deep smooth weird twirly underlying beats that creates an awesome chill sensation that lets you flow on by yourself. Sometimes we all want that space for ourselves, to self reflect and take it all in yet we are still connected in this sensual experience. Here's one to just maybe get in the mood by yourself and dance it in and out.

As you get into the video, get into the instinctual vibes of that gooey connection but solo reflection. It's weird and good. After the make out sesh, the lady who dances it out pinpoints those moments of diva goddessness slash animal instincts that are on point. By the way, did you guys see that blood moon last night? 

Let it go, let it flow

That Nomadics