She played. she dreamt. Unfolding in front of her wove a wondrous land of twirls, whirls, gangly, sharp, spiky shapes, warm, soft, oscillating, tessellating moments, textures and creatures that made up a connecting intricate web of life. She absorbed the warmth and pleasures as she played; floating as she swam within the colors of the ecstatic sensations of her glittering story. She glided and flew. All on her own.

A passerby rode nearby and felt a hopeful spark of wonder. As the moment passed, he forgot his mind  as his presence dispersed into the same land the girl was playing in. Entranced almost to the point of enchantment, he suddenly saw a sliver of the sun reflecting off his motorcycle. "That's what I wanted to do!" He remembered his bike and rode away, leaving the wondrous flicker of light behind him. 

The girl felt an essence diminished. Drops of water shimmered along the riverbank and she twirled on with it. 

Black and White Film Prints

by Shelly Woo