A Sea Of Peace, A Pocket of Seafood

Good Afternoon Fellow Nomadics, 

I would like to give you a warm and happy hello with this photograph. This was taken in Kaikoura, New Zealand, a little peninsula on the east coast of the South Island where seafood is caught abundantly. A beautiful, peaceful pocket where you can go on awesome boat rides off the coast; where dolphins playfully surround your boat to keep you safe, and alabatross and petryl birds fight for your fresh catch of the day (typically orange perch fish in which I caught two that day!). Crayfish will also come crawling up the feeding cages that have been kept underwater for a couple days so fishermen will catch and feast on their succulent meat. It was a seafood filled day with a burst of inspiration and beauty all around. Life is pretty bright and good huh? Lets set the mood and take in this light, peaceful wave of enjoyment.