Meet the Nomadics team! =)

Meet the Nomadics team! =)

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Welcome to Nomadics, where our passion for the visual and musical arts is expressed through capturing and artfully enhancing the meaningful moments of life. We are a multi-media production team based in San Jose CA but are available worldwide. Our name, Nomadics, stems from our dynamic process, a potent brew of the synergistic creative juices of our multitalented team. We abhor stagnation, so we don’t stay in one place for long. We actively seek challenges in an effort to evolve and grow. Our products range from business promotional videos to music videos, documentary films to short films, interviews to cinematography, visual (VFX) and auditory effects to editing, or corporate to personal photography--we do it all. We turn your vision into visuals.

Despite our short run as a company, our stable of corporate clients already includes Samsung, as well as top-rated restaurants, celebrity designers, musicians, and artists.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries about our services. We dare you to try to stump us!

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